Apply for Membership at WCRA

Applications are open!

The Waterloo County Revolver Association (WCRA) is now accepting membership applications, which will give you the opportunity to become a part of our club and community.

Keep in mind that submitting an application does not guarantee membership, and all applications will be reviewed for approval. If for any reason, your application is not approved, we offer a full refund on your application fee.

Join our community and take your love for firearms to the next level!

Application Process

  1. Fill out the form below
    • Including, uploading a legible image of yourself that can be used to identify you on your I.D.
  2. Pay for your application
  3. In order to complete the process, you must attend a board meeting and present yourself as an applicant for membership
    • Board meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm in the clubhouse
    • Even if your references have been contacted prior to the next board meeting, you must attend a board meeting in order to complete your submission
  4. If accepted, you will then be notified by email congratulating you on successfully becoming a probationary member conditional on the completion of a club-level safety course.
  5. Membership committee will post on the calendar the upcoming available club safety courses. All new applicants must complete this course prior to receiving their key and FOB.